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We repair your knives

Do you have a favorite knife that you like to use when cooking? What about all the kitchen utensils that are not cheap to buy? We repair these instruments for you and make sure, there is a minimal material loss on the blade.

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Save your favorite knife!
We repair your broken blades


We repair your broken blades

How do we work?

Everything starts with an appointment arranged by email or phone. We discuss your knife sharpening request, assess the damage, and suggest the best solution for you. When your blade could no longer be sharpened, we would state that at this point.

To repair a knife, e.g., with a broken tip (above 1cm), large nicks (up to 3mm), or severely damaged blades, we grind all the affected areas so that a new blade is created. To do this, we must use dry grinding. (Please note that after such procedure the blade will be smaller).

During this process, we take great care that the material does not overheat. After the reconstruction, it is up to you whether you prefer dry or wet grinding. We recommend a refinement after such an operation. With this, your instrument will be re-born. Please bear in mind that this procedure makes the blade naturally matt. However, we can revive its gloss for a surcharge.

Consequently: For the repair done in our workshop, we use a sharpening machine with rotating stone and grinding belt.

Some examples with typical characteristics:

Here you can see major blade damage, burnt steel, and finger guard:

finger guard knife

Treating your blade with 4,000 grit Japanese whetstone provides smoothest cutting edge possible.

repaired knife

Using a special sharpening system, the knife is pre-ground into an ideal form. Afterward, it is ground and polished, so that you can enjoy working with your knife again.

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